Emma Crawshay - New Agent

26 March 2017



Our newest recruit Emma Crawshay joins Asia Pacific Superyachts NZ freshly from a 5 ½ year stint on the 90 meter Royal Huisman, Athena. Whilst on board she progressed from stewardess, to chief stewardess and then finally Purser. She has completed countless shipyard periods, Atlantic crossings and trips through the Panama Canal, so knows exactly what it takes. For Emma “The move from purser to a yacht agent was made simpler having been on the other side of the fence with an insight of what goes on in the industry. I thrive on the fast paced lifestyle, not quite knowing what the next work day will bring.”


However, Emma wasn’t always interested in being in the superyacht industry. Originally Emma spent 2 ½ years studying towards a Computer Science and Business degree at Auckland University of Technology, she then decided to take a gap year to travel whilst she was still young. The rumours of being paid whilst travelling the world led her towards the superyacht industry. This then turned her intended gap year into 8 gap years! She explains “I want to help make the yachts time here as hassle free as possible, all the while supporting the crew by passing on local knowledge so that they can make most of everything this great city and country has to offer.”


Spending time on both motor and sail yachts, Emma knows her keels’ from her stabilisers’ and is well accustomed to the endless demands of keeping vessels afloat. She wants to ideally have “both crew and guests planning their next trip back to New Zealand before they even leave.”


New Zealand’s New Superyacht Refit Destination

03 March 2017

With New Zealand being the South Pacific Super Yacht hub for both refits and cruising, more vessels are feeling confident from many years of talk from fellow owners and captains to head to the southern hemisphere. Although many people outside of New Zealand believe Auckland is the only city for vessels to come to, this is becoming less of a “must go” place.  Whangarei, a city 2 hours north of Auckland, is opening its doors to the world of superyachts as an entrance to Northland and the Bay of Islands in New Zealand. Here in New Zealand, we believe that the whole world is situated in just our small country, and this all starts at the top in Northland and Whangarei.


Although this is a relatively unknown city of the world, Asia Pacific Superyachts New Zealand has seen the potential and opened a new office in Whangarei. Led by Karma Butler, an ex crew member, APS NZ has taken off already with a handful of vessels coming to Whangarei. Through this office, APS NZ is able to offer both refits and cruising opportunities for many different vessels. “When compared with Auckland, Whangarei is much more cost effective” says Butler. “Although, for many people, cheaper means not as good, this is not the case for Whangarei. This slower pace environment, offers a different style whilst upholding the best of New Zealand’s expertise and craftsmanship”, Butler continues, “All of the yards are in one area, there are no traffic issues, you’re right on the doorstep of the beautiful Northland beaches and the people are extremely friendly. Whangarei and Northland are not high rise cities and have a more relaxed and “beachy” lifestyle.”


New Zealand and Auckland in particular is a common destination for some of the best refits in the world and Whangarei is no exception. “With a variety of different shipyards some of which specialise in heavy engineering and large refits including a 2000 tonne capacity slipway as well as 40 tonne slipway, we can cater to it all. There are also sheltered berths of 120m, 67m and 36m, complete with a crane” reports Duthie Lidgard, Managing Director of APS NZ. With a large amount of knowledge surrounding Whangarei and Northland, Butler continues to explain that “Port Whangarei, is home to one of New Zealand’s largest travel lifts with it’s capacity being 100 tonne, with a maximum beam of 10 metres, that can do monohull or multihull, sail or motor vessels, as well as all tide access, wash down pads along with access to extensive hardstand or refit sheds, its an ideal place to come.” Contractors include only the best interior fit out services, superyacht paint companies and full marine engineering services, all of whom have workshops on site. There are two main marinas used for docking vessels: Marsden Cove Marina, which can take vessels up to 44m within the marina and Whangarei Marina which is the closest to the town centre and can take vessels up to 20m with a 3m draft. 


As a city, Whangarei offers a wide range of world class options for refits and is the ideal place to bring your vessel to refit and then to use as a base for cruising and chartering, as well as an entrance to the rest of the Northland which offers a wide range of activities for everyone. “Not only is Northland extremely beautiful, but it has some fantastic cuisine, great adventures and activities and allows you to immerse yourself completely into the New Zealand culture,” Reports Butler. With trips such as travelling to the top of New Zealand, Cape Reinga where the Pacific Ocean meets the Tasman Sea, to sand surfing down the Ahipara dunes, Northland offers it all.  From Whangarei you have easy access to the Poor Knights Islands where some of the best diving in the world occurs allowing you to see just some of what New Zealand has to offer. With beautiful water falls, Maori culture and the Waipoua Forest to explore the ancient Kauri forests, Whangarei allows this to happen for you easily, along with great fishing off the coast, white sandy beaches and surf. With a wide range of luxury accommodations, APS NZ are able to accommodate all that you desire to create an itinerary unique and special to you. Butler continues “Whangarei is the new Auckland, allowing not only world class refits, but world class treatment and experiences without the hustle, bustle and expense of the Auckland city life.”


Contact Duthie for more information:


New Zealand - The World In One Country

06 May 2016


New Adventures, New Passions, New Zealand

As one superyacht season draws to a close and the next appears on the horizon, it’s the time of year when many owners and captains consider their future cruising plans.

At this transitional time, there’s no better base to consider for your next adventure than the South Pacific,
with a focal point on New Zealand, according to Jeanette Tobin, an expert local agent at Asia Pacific Superyachts NZ and co-author of the Superyacht Explorer guide to cruising in the region.

To find out more read the full PDF

To learn more about how you can bring new adventures and passions into your superyacht cruising plans for the seasons to come, get in touch with Asia Pacific Superyachts NZ.


Metro Top 50 Restaurants

08 April 2016

Auckland has morphed into a foodies paradise.

Auckland city just continues to grow into one of the most cosmopolitan and culturally divserse cities in the Pacific.

You are never far from an eclectic coffee shop, 5* restaurant or cosy bar.

The good people at recently announced their Top 50 list for 2016. Our visiting clients and crew regularly rave about the amazing food, wine and foodie culture in Auckland.

Just one of the reasons to come visit Auckland!




Decision power

30 July 2015
A very interesting read fromThe Superyacht Owner , on the role crew have in a yard period. Read an excerpt here and for the full story, head to theThe Superyacht Owner .  

When an owner’s superyacht is in the shipyard, its crew plays a crucial role.  The Crew Report ’s Superyacht Golden Ticket crew survey revealed that 57.3 per cent of crew are heavily involved in their yachts’ refits while a meager 1.8 per cent of crew have no involvement. Moreover, 45.3 per cent of crew told  The Crew Report  they have influence in where an owner’s yacht goes for its refit. There’s certainly a bit of power in the crews’ hands, so we think it only fair to share with you their experiences of being in the shipyard with owners’ assets.

Read the full story, here
Decision power

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